Exploring abstract visual forms.

In 2011, artists Daniel Garzi, Lindsey Camelio, and Andrea B. Farina founded The Galactic Core (a secluded artist workspace in South Norwalk, CT). The name was chosen as a representation of the inability for work to ever leave the workspace - much in the way that matter cannot escape the gravitational pull of a black hole at the center of a galaxy.

In 2013, Daniel decided he was ready to bring his work beyond The Galactic Core and – having realized suburban Connecticut was not the best venue for his style or subject – he transplanted to San Francisco, CA and found a home at Art Explosion Studios. Inspired by his past at The Galactic Core, fuzzy childhood memories, and a healthy fear of emptiness he is driven to create a unique visual language, one which might amuse, intrigue, and occasionally confuse.

Contact me for prints, commissions, or just to say hi: dan@danielgarzi.com  //  203.482.8080